Welcome to Grönwohlder!

We are a small family-owned brewery in the east of Hamburg. Using only traditional brewing methods, we produce a variety of beer specialtys.

All of them (except the Pils Klassik) are naturally clouded – That is what makes our beer really pleasant to the taste! 


Besides brewing beer we also offer events, such as behind-the-scenes-tours, beer-tastings and brewing-workshops. It is also possible to have a party or celebration in the brewery, your guests will love the characteristic atmosphere! 

When visiting Grönwohlder you can really choose your kind of event and we will develop a concept in compliance with your wishes. We have had birthday partys, weddings, bachelor partys, familiy celebrations, christmas partys, Oktoberfest and many more. Don’t hesitate to ask!



Apart from serving beverages we can also provide you and your guests with delicious meals.
We have 4 opportunities as fixed menus, but of course we can modify these according to your wishes.


1: „Brotzeitplatte“: Beer-crusted bread with ham, salami and pickles (at least 10 people)

2: Barbecue: Neck of pork, sausages, coleslaw and beer-crusted bread (at least 15 people)

3: Smoking oven: Smoked trout, potato salad and beer-crusted bread (at least 20 people)

4: Clay-Stove: Pork roast with gravy, coleslaw and beer-crusted bread (at least 30 people)


We can always make additions and modifications like fried potatos made in an iron pan, different salads, lamb meat, turkey meat or even dessert. Also there is always a vegetarian option.


Contact us

You can approach us via


email: info@groenwohlder.de

telephone: +494154/984141

whatsapp: +152/02321838


We are pleased to hear from you!

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